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As a specialized lawyer I work for companies as well as for private persons in Germany and abroad.


Law of a globalized world – Companies

As an expert in international business and private law, I assist companies in various international matters. Usually, law is always regarded as a national matter. However, this makes it even more exciting for an attorney to think outside the box and understand how other legal systems work. The interplay of law, language, culture, and economics is the daily fascination of my work. My specialization is a cross-sectional one. If necessary, I work together with a network of competent partners at home and abroad.   

International Business Law

International business law is characterized by an overarching view of the interaction of national and international, private, and public law norms. As an experienced attorney, I have profound expertise in this area and am available to support you if you want to do business abroad, conclude international contracts, employ people across borders, protect your intellectual property or resolve legal disputes internationally. In cooperation with tax advisors, I keep an eye on tax issues.  

International Trade

Do your entrepreneurial activities take you beyond the borders of your home country? Are you in constant contact with customers and suppliers from all over the world? Then take advantage of my expertise in drafting legally secure and customized international contracts, e.g. using the Incoterms clauses or the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. If necessary, I will support you in obtaining the required import and export licenses.  

International Litigation & Arbitration  

As a lawyer, I have several years of experience in litigation. I am happy to be at your disposal as a competent partner in civil litigation and arbitration proceedings with a foreign connection. In addition, cross-border recognition of judgments and enforcement of judgements are also part of my services. Terms such as European order for payment or European account attachment order are not foreign words for me.  

Market expansion  

The opening of markets and the globalization offer companies a wide variety of opportunities. You are a foreign entrepreneur and want to expand to Germany? I advise you on all legal issues concerning the establishment of a subsidiary or a branch in Germany and inform you about the existing regulations and laws. I also support the foreign expansion of German companies in cooperation with foreign partners. In all this, I do not ignore the cultural aspect.   

Law of the globalized world – Private individuals

Globalization does not stop at our private lives. Interpersonal relationships are also becoming more international and interconnected. International law for private individuals is also a focus of my legal work. When it comes to cross-border matters, I am always at your disposal as a lawyer specialized in this field. Consult me in these complex matters and I will work with you to find a satisfactory solution.

International inheritance and family law

I advise my clients on the drafting of marriage contracts and last wills with a foreign connection, e.g. in the case of different nationalities or assets abroad. Do not leave anything to chance in these matters. I will be happy to inform you about what to be aware of and pay the necessary attention to the tax aspects. Legal statements in this field need to be well thought out and, above all, executed in a legally sound manner. In addition, I represent my clients in international divorces and inheritance matters involving foreign countries.

Migration and Nationality

In addition to my portfolio, I provide support in legal matters relating to the migration of skilled workers as well as in complex citizenship matters, in particular with reference to private international law. You are at the right place when it comes to working as a professional in Germany. Contact me with your questions and I will help you! Especially the networking with my expertise in international business law and employment law allows me to offer you advice from one source.

Employment Law

Employment law is aimed at employees and employers. It covers the rights and obligations that go hand in hand with a contractually agreed employment relationship, e.g. the form of the employment contract, the regulation of working hours or the statutory periods of notice. You are at the right address with me if you are looking for legal support on such issues. Employees are the most important resource of a company. Employees spend a large part of their time at their workplace. Therefore, do not take any risks!

Advice for companies

In the field of employment law, I offer advice to your company. As an experienced attorney, I support you in the preparation, review or adaptation of employment law documents, such as employment contracts, termination agreements, warnings or references. Furthermore, I am the right contact person when it comes, for example, to the issue of a notice of termination, the agreement of a non-competition clause or the transfer of an undertaking. Furthermore, I accompany negotiations on employment law issues, also around collective employment law. I would be happy to offer your company regular advice as a flat rate – contact me! 


A wide variety of difficulties can arise in the employment relationship. You have found the right law firm if you are looking for legal support in such matters. I will represent your interests in all matters concerning remuneration, short-time work, probationary periods, maternity leave and so on, if necessary, also in court. Labour court proceedings have a number of special features that need to be taken into account. I place a special focus on the optimal litigation strategy, which I will discuss with you.

Labor Law and New Work

Digitalization is changing our working environment. New Work is a philosophy that aims to rethink traditional working structures and methods. The aim is giving employees more freedom, autonomy, and responsibility to create a more productive and fulfilling working sphere. I am your contact if you want to create a legal framework for this. Topics include, for example, the flexible organization of working hours, remote working, or the legal structuring of working from home.


Johann D. Riemenschneider

About me

As an attorney with tri-national education (Germany, France, Switzerland) and extensive international experience on all continents, I advise clients all over the globe. I speak German, English, French and Spanish. In my work, I follow a holistic approach that goes beyond the purely legal perspective. I also consider economic and social dimensions, and I always meet my clients at eye-level.

About me

As an attorney with tri-national education (Germany, France, Switzerland) and extensive international experience on all continents, I advise clients all over the globe. I speak German, English, French and Spanish. In my work, I follow a holistic approach that goes beyond the purely legal perspective. I also consider economic and social dimensions, and I always meet my clients at eye-level.

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My Values


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

By providing legal advice to young, innovative companies, I aim to contribute to a sustainable, socially responsible, inclusive and ecological economy.

SDG 10

Reduced Inequalities

As an attorney, I want to give a voice to young people. I make my contribution to greater equality by supporting companies from the Global South.

SDG 16

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

I am committed to a free and democratic society, in which our coexistence is governed by law and not by arbitrary acts. This together with mutual understanding enables us to live in peace.

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